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Programs and Services: Borrower by Mail

Borrowers-by-mail are patrons living in communities in Nunavut that don't have a local community library. If this is your situation, the Iqaluit Office of NPLS looks after your borrowing needs by mailing you library items as requested. You can set up a borrower profile for regular shipments, or request only specific items.


Any borrower by mail is able to request a number of items, within the following limits:

Requests can be made through fax, telephone, e-mail or mail.

Materials can be requested by title, author, or subject area. If by chance you suggest something that is outside of Nunavut, we can request it from another Canadian library on an interlibrary loan.

The loan period on the items sent vary depending on what they are:

Each shipment of materials sent to you will have pre-paid return mailing labels included. This enables you to receive and return materials at no cost.

Once you have requested to become a borrower by mail, a letter with the above information along with a patron card will be sent to you. An adult patron card, a juvenile patron card, or both may be sent to you depending on what you are requesting.


To become a borrower by mail, or to submit a request, contact Sarah Sevoga at Baker Lake Headquarters, Nunavut Public Library Services:

Telephone: (867) 793-3351
Fax: (867) 793-3360

Or by post:

Borrower by Mail Program
Nunavut Public Library Services
P.O. Box 270
Baker Lake, Nunavut
X0C 0A0